An easy to read Reference Book that prepares us for Life's Transitions

Mayla Makana


Mayla Makana, pastoral counselor, chaplain and stress consultant has recently published Love, Tears & Laughter, what to do when a loved one is ill.

Mayla possesses the special gift of First and Last Breath Facilitation - assisting in the first breath of a baby coming into this world, and the last breath of those in the process of leaving.

Artwork by Mayla Makana

Her unique practice incorporates Prayer, Breath Techniques, Somato Respiratory Integration, Environmental Stress Management and Transformational Kinesiology. She imparts her visionary yet practical guidance to clearly show how to integrate body and mind.

An astounding turn of events caused her to reevaluate much of what she thought she knew about illness and dying. Shortly after the emotional experience of caring for her mother until her passing, Mayla suffered serious injuries in an auto accident. Confined to bed and a wheelchair for almost two years, her lifestyle drastically changed from independence to a deeper understanding of living with pain, inconvenience and dependence on others. Once she had personal knowledge of what one needs during illness, the numerous edits began. This book assists everyone facing life's challenges, with courage, laughter and tears.

An easy to read reference book that has compassion for everyone involved in life's transitions.